Club Red/Red Owl is a hoot

With a business plan based on a Japanese word, the Club Red and Owl Red club knows what they want their business to be. “Kaizen” is a Japanese word meaning “improvement” or “change for the better” and it is what Club Red applies to try to make their venue better. They strive to improve the sound of the bands and make them look better, according to the Club Red website. The Red Owl started as a sports bar with live music every Friday and Saturday night. After the pizza place next door went under, the Red Owl took it over and built a big stage; big enough for national acts, and paid extra to reinforce the stage to cut down any extra sound caused by pounding feet, according to the Red Owl website, they took out the kitchen because a venue does not need a kitchen. Club Red is a dual-stage music venue. With a wide variety of shows, from 80′s and classic rock, to alt rock, indie rock, reggae, metal, punk, rockabilly, jazz, blues, hip-hop, rap, country, singer-songwriter and acoustic, you can find something to see that you will enjoy. With a big screen and a green room backstage, the Club Red and Owl Red is all about the music. They even removed the tin cover on the bar to improve the sound quality. You can walk from the “L” shaped Club Red and Red Owl and back through the roll-up door, which also provides a barrier for the sound from either stage getting to the other on the opposite side of the “L”. Club Red and Red Owl go through great lengths to make the bands on their stage look good. They changed the design of the club and even paying extra to improve the sound quality. Club Red and Red Owl is a great place to see great sounding bands. For more information and a calender of events visit the Club Red and Red Owl website