Pub Night – 10 Years & Counting

Another first visit for the Pub Nighters group, we have talked previously about dropping in to the Tavern, and there is some difference of opinion on whether we have or not. (See note below.) Unconfirmed reports of a terrific new menu being the impetus, I dropped in and spoke with John, the general manager. The menu does indeed have some tasty looking offerings including a variety of small plates. Happy hour runs from 4 to 7 pm and entices with $1 off all beer (bottle and draft) and wine (limited to Vendage in cab, merlot, chard and white zin flavors). Drafts include Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Blue Moon, XX Lager, Fat Tire, Fat Tire Seasonal, Ballast Point Yellow Tail Pale Ale, SanTan Devil’s Ale, Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout and a house selection. Also available are three offerings from Four Peaks in cans: Kilt Lifter, Sun Brew and Hop Knot, decanted into iced mugs. Happy hour includes half-price appetizers, and John will extend the happy hour appetizer pricing to 7:30 for the Pub Night! group this Thursday.

A November special, “Movember” (a combination of the words November and mustache, one of which John and other male employees sport, some for the first time, in solidarity with cancer patients) raises funds for testicular cancer. Coronas and Corona Lights are $3 any time in November, so here is your chance to support research to beat this nasty illness in a pleasant manner. To double down on that ante, all beer, both bottle and draft, are $3 every Thursday from 7 pm (the end of happy hour) to closing time.

Not applicable to Pub Night!, but if a weekend breakfasts with south of the border victuals and a tequila sunrises are your thing, the Tavern will dish up a nice selection of Mexican or U.S style. fare until noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Look for Pub Nighters this Thursday on the small west patio accessed through the cantina.

Note: We have been Pub Nighting for going on 10 years now. The first Pub Night was held July 18 2002 at Casey Moore’s. In August 2009 we missed the boat, so to speak – no Pub Night! was recorded for that month. At any rate, I don’t have a notice for that month; could there have been a gathering at the Tavern on Mill? Kirby thinks we have met here; can anyone corroborate his memory? (This only counts if it was a declared Pub Night! event.)

Prodded by inquiring minds (mine mostly) I went back through the notices and we have visited the following establishments, some with regularity, over the years. They are listed from the most recent (a fun light rail trip, and a bit of bar hopping on Central Avenue in Phoenix) to Pub Nights! receding into the past. The places in parentheses no longer exist as the same business.

Durant’s, Little Szechuan, Taste of Tops, Thai Elephant, Mucho Gusto, Canteen Modern Tequila Bar, Robbie Fox’s, Boulders on Broadway, (Sucker Punch Sally’s Diner), Dave’s Electric Brew Pub, La Bocca, (Purvine Winery Tour), (Dragonfly Vietnamese Kitchen), Essence Bakery Café, Cornish Pasty, El Penasco Mexican Kitchen, (Cafe Roma), Thai Basil, Bison Witches Bar and Deli, Café Boa, Monti’s la Casa Vieja, (Old Chicago), Rula Bula , Sail Inn, (Guedo’s Taco Shop), Mill Avenue Beer Company, (Vinoteca), (Chrisdee’s), (Iguana Lounge), Four Peaks Brewery, and Casey Moore’s Oyster House

Thank you for participating in these monthly gatherings to support our local taverns. See you at the next Pub Night!    -Karyn Gitlis

Neighborhood Pub Night! was conceived and organized by residents of  Northwest Tempe for the purpose of reintroducing local residents to their local establishments in the new era of smoke-free air. We hope to bring neighbors together, support local businesses and reinforce the traditional Irish/English concept of bar, restaurant or pub as a “Public House” or gathering/meeting place for the local community. Please join your neighbors at Neighborhood Pub Night!, and look for the rune.

Jenny, Karyn, Kirby and Tom

Be aware when answering the front door

By: Stanley N. Williams

I guess that I forgot to send you information about another police alert that is potentially serious. Last Saturday evening, in the dark, someone pounded so severely on our front door that it made us think that there might be some safety crisis in progress. That wasn’t true but it was how a 30-something man who claimed to be deaf got our attention. He showed me a index card-size green note that he was deaf and soliciting contributions. It didn’t show any affiliation with any organization. I say that he claimed to be deaf because I was surprised with how immediately he understand what I said and responded. I told him that I don’t support any request unless it is from an organization that I know exists and solicitation was not legal for the neighborhood. His response is the significant matter. He became very angry and stormed away although he didn’t do anything clearly threatening.
On Monday morning, I saw two Tempe police cars parked on street opposite our house at 32 E 14th. Two police officers were going house to house apparently wanting to ask questions but it happened that there were no responses at those places. I and several neighbors went out to ask the police officers about the situation. They told us about this deaf man and how we has called 911, using the TDY system, on several days at 5 or 6 AM to report that he had been assaulted. He told the dispatcher there should be a police SWAT sent to the crisis. The officers told us that they had not been able to find a source for the calls.
They told us to be cautious about this man, not open the door, or approach him. I remember him being about 5′ 9″ tall, dark wavy hair not long enough to cover his ears, and a dark complexion that wasn’t like that of a Hispanic or African American person.
If anyone sees this man, the officers want to receive a call immediately. There was no record of him having been physically threatening but his behavior was of significant concern.
— Stanley N. Williams
Professor of Volcanology
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1404 USA

Italian PHD Students looking for short term housing

Northwest Tempe Neighborhoods List

If you can help out the visiting students, contact Flora directly at the email address below. Thanks!


——- Original Message ——–

Subject: Hosting Italian PhD students for one month
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 14:56:28 -0700
From: flora farago <>
To: Karyn Gitlis <>

Hi Karyn,

There are two Italian Ph.D. students visiting our lab, who are looking for accommodation between Oct 9th-Nov 2nd. It is impossible to find an apartment for such a short time period, and hotels can get quite costly.

Is there anyone in the neighborhood who could host them? They are willing to pay about 300-350 per room.

Even if someone has room for just one of them, that would work.

Please forward this e-mail to the residents of our neighborhood.

Thank you,


Flora Farago

Graduate Research Assistant

School of Social and Family Dynamics

Program in Family and Human Development

Arizona State University