University Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

This my recollection of our meeting last week.  If you feel I did not represent the gist of the meeting, please let me know.


I forgot to talk about the Ocotillo Project, it seems to be moving along… Laura K is attending some meetings for the neighborhood.  But it seems ok at this point…


University Park Neighborhood Association Meeting

Oct 12th, 2011 – 5:45pm – 7:30pm

Attendees:  19, including 5 potential candidates.  

1) Nominations/Election 
– Although I would love not to be the
chair of the Neighborhood Association, I was nominated and
approved as Chair again.

2) College Ave Traffic Calming –

Generally positive, but concern that the median near Apache is 

forcing cars into the bike lane.  People are sort of surprised at 

the amount of DG, especially south of Alameda.

3) Modern Streetcar Update – Generally positive, a few residents 

are opposed to it and do not agree that it will stimulate the right

kind of economic impact. 

4) Daley Park/Quiet Zone Update – Daley park is on hold due to lack 

of money to do it.  The neighbors seems to be interested to revisit

 the Master Plan to increase the ‘green’ areas and decrease the ‘dg’

 areas.  One idea was to just redo the bathrooms and maybe add a 

splash pad and call it a day for 15 more years….

5) Broadway Road Work 
– Broadway Road between Rural and Mill
will be worked on for various reasons, but I don’t have a firm date
on work starting.

6) Neighborhood Grant – We did not talk too much about this.  

Some comments about extending the wall on mill to the cactus 

garden area, but may depend on the Streetcar Project.

7) Potential Candidates for Elected Positions – We had Kolby, Corey, 

Angie and Joel were in attendance related to City Council Positions. 

 Linda was here related to her run for Mayor.  We had each person 

talk 2-5 min about who they are, why they are running, or what they

believe in…  We asked some questions and generally all the potential

 candidates had excellent responses.

8) Cactus Garden Work Day – I need to schedule this, look for an email soon. 

9) GAIN/Halloween/Potluck – We talked about GAIN and it’s purpose (to 

lower crime by getting people to know their neighbors) and noted

 that we do not have a GAIN event this year.   We, the Kents’ are 

doing our Halloween driveway Event again this year from 6-8pm.  

We discussed doing a Coffee/Donuts thing in the morning sometime 

as this is better for some people.  Maybe we can use Kelly’s property…:)

10) Other Items – We did talk about ensuring that you understand if your 

house is ‘contributing’ to our historic status, and making sure you are 

getting the tax rebate.  Also, think about remodeling because it may 

push it below 50% and we could lose our overall status.  Just something 

to think about