Bring the Beach back to Tempe Beach Park?

By:  Tempe Thoughts

Hawks Cay Saltwater Lagoon

Hawks Cay Lagoon in Florida

Today candidate for Tempe Mayor, Michael Monti and candidate for City Council Dick Foreman announced their intentions to explore swimming in the town lake.    Their ideas revolve around creating a barrier that would effectively separate the new swimming hole from the lake itself.   This would allow the water water to be treated to “swimming pool” standard    Hawks Cay Lagoon in Florida was brought up as an example of how waters areas could be separated with sand.

Although the idea of a swimming area within the the Town Lake is not a new idea and has been studied by staff in the past, the project has not risen very “high on the priority list” according to Foreman.    When asked about funding both Monti and Foreman stated that the project should be self funding through “user fees” and that they would be asking the community for their thoughts.   The first community forum is set for December 20,2011.



Candidates to announce intentions to create public beach

Forget San Diego! Tempe Businessmen, Candidates Michael Monti and Dick Foreman Announce Proposal to Create the Valley’s First Public Beach  

(Tempe, Arizona) Candidate for Tempe Mayor Michael Monti and Tempe City Council Candidate Dick Foreman will be holding a news conference Tuesday November 29th at 11am to discuss their proposal to create a swimming beach, complete with sand, at the Tempe Town Lake.  The news conference will take place behind the Tempe Center for the Arts at 700 West Rio Salado alongside the pedestrian bridge.

Who: Tempe Mayoral Candidate Michael Monti and Tempe Council Candidate Dick Foreman

What: Announce swimming beach proposal

When: Tuesday, November 29th at 11am

Where: At the Pedestrian Bridge on the south shore of the Tempe Town Lake behind the Tempe Center for the Arts at 700 West Rio Salado

These two candidates believe Tempeans should not have to travel all the way to Saguaro Lake or San Diego to go swimming at a public beach. And they have a plan to get it done without soaking the taxpayer.

What will your future look like if you vote for me?

By: Michael Monti

Michael Monti

During a presidential campaign, voters frequently ask:  How will my life be better four years from now if I vote

for this or that candidate?  How will my Quality of Life be better?  While on a smaller scale, the Tempe Mayoral election should certainly bring the same questions to the surface.

Here’s How Your Future And The Community, As A Whole, Will Be Better If You Vote For Me on March 13, 2012.

First, I’m proud to call Tempe home as I believe we are doing a lot of things right as a community.   I will continue many of the policies set forth by Mayor Hugh Hallman while blazing new trails of development. I will drive innovation in city government, the way we attract and keep businesses here in Tempe and in the way we respond to residents’ needs and concerns.  I’ve got ideas that I’m excited to share with you about creative programs from which we can all benefit.

After four years of my leadership, businesses will say they have had no better friend than Mayor Michael Monti.  I was a co-founder of Local First Arizona, a now thriving statewide Arizona business organization that seeks to help locally-owned businesses prosper. I will bring this kind of leadership and cooperation to Tempe City Hall.  I also have the ability to bring together and guide diverse groups, with differing interests, to help them find common ground on which to move forward together in a personable manner.  Creating and seizing new business opportunities calls for someone that is skilled in looking outside of the box for answers to everyday questions.

Hence, after four years, you will also have witnessed new job creation.  At Monti’s La Casa Vieja, I have had to meet a payroll every two weeks for some 100 employees for the past 17 years.  No one else running knows what it takes to create and maintain employment.  It’s equally important to grasp which city government policies, sometimes inadvertently, kill jobs and make doing business in Tempe difficult.  These issues go hand-in-hand and can’t be overlooked.

Additionally, you will appreciate a government that operates more efficiently.  My plan to reward government employees who save rather than spend is a big step in this direction. In addition, employees who best serve the residents must be both recognized and rewarded. Residents will have a far more responsive, citizen-centered and accessible government.  That’s a good thing for all of us.

Tempe has been labeled an “All-America City” in recent years. That’s remarkable recognition for our great community.  Now, let’s up the ante, and become “The Innovation City.”  Together, we can do this by nourishing an atmosphere where the creative class, entrepreneurs and innovators want to found new businesses or relocate both their businesses and families.  Additionally, with my Tempe Service Corps program, we will increase civic engagement to build social capital to confront the challenges of economic privation and blight that threaten our quality of life.  I can’t stress this enough–it’s vital that we identify and develop ways to harness future talent. We can’t just think about the next four years, but we need to lay the groundwork for the next 40 years and beyond.

I look forward to sharing more of my vision for Tempe’s future.

Hallman Endorses Monti

 Tempe’s popular and successful two-term Mayor is endorsing businessman Michael Monti for Mayor. Mayor Hugh Hallman is credited with enhancing Tempe’s quality of life and keeping the City’s budget balanced during trying economic times. Hallman is urging the people of Tempe to build on that success by electing Michael Monti for Mayor. See the video here.Hallman states, “Michael ensured his family business on Mill Avenue, Monti’s la Casa Vieja, has remained successful and vibrant while retaining its identity. That kind of success is clearly the mission of the next Mayor of Tempe.”

Michael takes his role as the owner of an iconic Tempe business seriously donating his time and talent to numerous organizations including

• Arizona Restaurant Association

• Tempe Diablos Charities · Arizona Tourism Alliance

• Tempe Rotary Club · Co-Founder, Local First! Arizona

• Youngest Inductee, Arizona Restaurant Association Hall of Fame

Monti states, “In 1993, my family called on me to keep an iconic and unique business moving in the right direction. In 2011, my friends and neighbors made a similar request with respect to Tempe City Hall. I intend to build on Mayor Hallman’s great work. There is more history to be made.”

To view a video of Mayor Hallman endorsing Michael Monti click here.  To visit the Monti 4 Mayor website click here.