Corey Woods Issue Points

Corey will continue making a difference for Tempe by…
  1. Supporting Our Local Business Community

    We must promote a business-friendly climate that creates jobs and rewards entrepreneurship with a focus on bringing long-term, high-wage jobs to the City of Tempe. To do this, we need to provide the necessary tools to small business owners so they can thrive in today’s economy.

    It is time to work with the Legislature to create a Business, Education and Neighborhood Revitalization Fund. The creation of this Fund would provide the City of Tempe and its neighborhoods with the tools necessary to remake older, dilapidated strip centers into vibrant, more functional sites. We must be vigilant in working to overhaul the State of Arizona’s outdated tax structure and replace it with a system that allows cities like Tempe to create and maintain investments that help our city and our neighborhoods. Moving in this direction would assist in developing projects that reinvigorate neighborhoods, generate resources for our school districts and enable us to take control of our own destiny without being forced to rely on state or federal appropriations.

    Tempe also has a great opportunity to lead when it comes to green, renewable energy. With Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability right in our own backyard, we should be focused on setting the standard not only for our region, but for the entire country. Together, we can work in collaboration to identify business-friendly ways to be the leader in this growing field, while also bringing new industries and jobs to Tempe.

  2. Revitalizing Our Neighborhood Shopping Centers

    Tempe needs to remain ahead of the curve by revitalizing and redeveloping high-vacancy shopping centers into destinations that serve the needs of our residents. We should not just take a vacant store and try to plug more retail into it if the needs of the neighborhood have changed. Where appropriate, we should encourage mixed-use projects that combine retail with education services, medical/office space, live/work environments or housing as part of a single development.

    A great example of a forward thinking development can be seen on the southwest corner or Southern Avenue and Price Road. The Maricopa Community Colleges District is investing significant resources to change the functionality of the Michaels shopping center. Their redevelopment of that center into a testing site will provide jobs immediately, but in the long run will also support Tempe’s educational system, which is how we will remain competitive for years to come.

  3. Improving Park and Alley Maintenance by Utilizing Technology

    We can crack down on illegal dumping, graffiti and additional neighborhood park concerns by providing residents with better reporting tools. Tempe should have its own cell phone and iPad/Android apps, developed through a public-private partnership, that will enable reports and photos of vandalism and other issues to be easily reported any time, day or night. Once city staff receives notification of a violation, they can quickly respond to address the issue. Graffiti can be forwarded to the Police Department for a more thorough analysis. All telephone hotlines and e-mail addresses that currently deal with these matters would be maintained for residents that would prefer speaking to an employee at City Hall.

    Implementing enhanced technology would save money for our residents, while ensuring that acts of vandalism are addressed swiftly.