Long Wongs Is a Staple In Tempe

By: Brittany Stehmer

The Stage

When you think Tempe music, you probably think Long Wongs. Long Wongs began as a small wing place in 1980 on Mill Avenue by the Goldsteins. It became a launch pad for Tempe bands, and helped define the “Tempe sound”. Bands like the Gin Blossoms, the Refreshments and Dead Hot Worship that have graced the stage at the Original Long Wongs. In 1989 it was sold to Scott and Cheri Magill, according to the Long Wongs Website, and was managed and booked by Sara Cina until 2004 when the original location was bulldozed. With the new location on Apache not far away from the original, it is still a staple in the Tempe music scene. The original owners are still involved with club.

The new Long Wongs was rebuilt in the old Firehouse on Apache and McClintock. Long Wongs at the Fire House tries to recapture the old glory of the original. There is a barely room on the walls. There are records and photos of moments in music history and miscellaneous moments and people. They even have a fire pole, for whatever people choose to do with it. Long Wongs also offers pizza, beer, barbecue, burgers and they still have wings.  This is how Long Wongs describes their food on their website,

Our Pizzas are fire baked in special traditional ovens to ensure unique delicate crisp crusts, while preserving every ounce of flavor in the toppings.

Our BBQ and Grill menu is second to none, we have the richest selection of burgers and sandwiches that will make your mouth water or your money back… Guaranteed!

Long Wongs, like most music venues, hosts a weekly open mic night, where potential songwriters and musicians can stretch their vocal chords.

This new Long Wongs has the charm and tradition of the old famous Long Wongs and the originality needed in music and business.

For more information and a full calendar of events visit the Long Wongs website.

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