Tempe Photo Radar – over for now, but not forgotten

By Lawn Griffiths

OK, City of Tempe, last summer the Tempe City Council voted 4-3 to stop photo radar enforcement in Tempe.

Why are those #@#$ cameras still standing tall at street corners in places like McClintock Drive and Rio Salado Parkway or Rural Road and Southern Avenue? News reports said those machines were shut off July 19 with expiration of the current contract.  It was a wise decision: The program, begun in 2007, was a fraud, plus the city, at best, only broke even in getting it established.  It had collected $1.8 million but lost a lot in public relations.  Photo enforcement is shoddy and lazy.  It is Big Brother at its best.  It’s too easy to put technology all over the landscape and, like land mines, zing whoever makes a mistake.

Haul off your crap, Redflix.  Get those cameras and in-our-face junk out of our sight.

We don’t need any more reminder of how our city leaders got snuckered in a money-making scam gone awry.

The fact that Redflix had filed a lawsuit against Tempe for apparently not getting all the money out of Tempe they said they had coming to it helped convince city council members to drop photo radar.

Here hoping Tempe doesn’t get convinced by other high-powered salesman to contract with some other company peddling its technology. We don’t need it.

The state of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety smartly dumped photo enforcement along the highways a year ago. And the company providing it took down their equipment and the ominous warning signs.

So c’mon, Tempe, tell Redflix to speed up hauling off its insidious eyes on the road.  May the company never find other naïve city leaders to take the bait and buy into it.