New Adopt-A-Park Program

By:  East Valley Tribune

Annoyed by litter in the park? Weeds sprouting along a street? Graffiti covered signs and walls? You can help enhance the appearance, safety and cleanliness of Tempe by volunteering for the city’s Adopt-A-Street, Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Path programs. Tempe does its best to keep things clean and tidy, but can always use some help.

These year-round programs are perfect for neighborhood groups, community organizations and local businesses. Or, get together with some of your friends by forming your own volunteer group.

According to the city’s website, most Tempe multi-use paths, major streets and some side streets are available for adoption, as well as Tempe’s 48 parks.

Check out videos on the program at Also at that website, you can learn which streets, parks and paths are available for adoption and other information.

So get your group together, roll up your sleeves and do something to help the environment and your community. Besides, as the city’s website says, “you’ll be surprised by some of the things you’ll find.”

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